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  Redruth and its neighbour Camborne were the centre of the copper and tin mining area of Cornwall, which expanded rapidly due largely to the invention of the high pressure steam engine by Richard Trevithick Today almost all are finally shut, but some of the old engines house can been seen often haunting the skyline.

High above Redruth is Carn Brea a granite tor, capped by a memorial to the mine owner Francis Bassett, there is also a leisure centre of the same name.

Behind Druid's Hall is the first house ever to be lit by gas, the Scottish inventor William Murdoch, who set up his own gas retorts in 1792.

In the surrounding area is criss-crossed by an extensive network of footpaths and bridleways, based in the old mineral routes which connected the mining areas with the coastal ports.

List of businesses situated in or near Redruth

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